Bedroom Flooring

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedrooms are perhaps the most important places to achieve maximum comfort with a style that promotes relaxation and calmness. Achieving this effect with interior decorating starts at the bottom – with your bedroom floor!


With its softness, warmth, and variety of colors and textures, carpeting your bedroom floor is both a practical and stylish flooring option. There are many benefits to installing bedroom carpet, such as comfort, durability, non-slick safety, and noise reduction. When selecting color and texture, bold colors and defined textures work well to draw attention to your bedroom floor. Choose a more neutral and soft option to highlight other aspects of your room, such as wall coverings or furniture. Carpet tiles bring a splash of creativity to any bedroom floor and can create a highly unique and distinctive style to your bedroom décor.

Hardwood or Laminate

Hardwood flooring adds elegance and style to any room, including bedrooms. A premium choice for bedrooms, hardwood floors can add value to your home without breaking the bank. Well-matched to any décor, using hardwood flooring has many benefits, including durability and allergen reduction. For a lower cost and lower maintenance wood floor option, consider laminate flooring for your bedroom to enjoy the beauty of wood with less cost and care.


While not as popular as other bedroom flooring ideas, tile flooring adds natural beauty to a bedroom and can accentuate bedroom furniture in a striking way. Of all floor types, tile is the most durable and resistant to moisture and seasonal expansion. By mixing and matching tile colors, textures, and shapes, floor design options with tile are virtually unlimited.

Area Rugs

If you’re using hardwood flooring or tile in your bedroom, consider area rugs to provide a distinctive decorating element and minimize the echo sound effect tile and hardwood can create. Area rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to complement any décor. For kids' bedrooms, area rugs can provide an interactive play space as well as fun decorative complements to the room's theme.

Before You Buy

Carefully balance the budget for your bedroom floor against quality considerations to ensure your bedroom flooring selection can handle the practical needs of the room for years to come. Visit your local flooring center to evaluate all the flooring options available for your bedroom remodeling project – qualified flooring experts are standing by to answer all your bedroom flooring questions.

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